New System

This daily diary of who is playing what, and on which rink, will appear on a TV in the bar, enabling members to see if and when a rink mcomes available. Importantly, this information will be available to members on the web via their own, individual username and password.

About the new Bowlr system

After considerable investigation of competing league and competition management systems, your club decided to invest in Bowlr, designed by Poole-based Bespoke4Business. Originally designed for Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club, this system is now being used by over 35 bowls clubs, both indoor and outdoor, across the UK .

Bowlr is an official supplier to the EIBA, and is Title Sponsor of the Ladies and Men’s U25 Singles national knock out competitions.

Bowlr is built in modules which can be bolted together to form a complete system; EDIBC has purchased the whole set, enabling us to incrementally modernise all our administrative functions over time. Below is our current implmentation plan.

The system is fully compliant with the latest GDPR regulations.


During lockdown, we have started to install extra power and data cabling for extra TV displays and for future member interactive services.

All club member details have been successfully transferred into the new Membership Management module and used by officers to stay in contact with you over this period. And, finally, WiFi has been extended into the bar area for member use!

  • Update club website to provide members access to Bowlr microsite.
  • Display daily diary on Bar TV.
  • Train stewards in updating diary with bookings.
  • Build league system for January.
  • Install touchscreen display for members to book rinks for open play and competitions.
  • Launch online rink booking for open play and competitiions.
  • Use of touchscreen and microsite to view league and competition scores and positions.
  • Introduce tablet scoring for members to enter own scores into system.
  • Install additional information displays in the bar