New System

This daily diary of who is playing what, and on which rink, is live on a TV in the bar, enabling members to see if and when a rink comes available. Now, this information is available to members on the web via their own, individual username and password.

Now, with the new Bowlr system

Today, you can log into the online system to see where you or your colleagues are in leagues, how you or they are doing in internal competitions and, most importantly you can now book rinks for roll-ups, County or National competitions or internal Club competitions. All the information you need is on this website - all you need to know is your name and your membership number. It is a simple as that. And you can do it from your PC, your Mac or Chromebook, from a tablet - even from a phone. Now you can organise your bowling calendar from the comfort or your own home, your local pub or the beach in Spain.

Log into your account by clicking on the big blue button top right of this screen. Full instructions are here:

Check out the diary as far forward as you like in the season to see what's available when, who's winning in the leagues and conpetitions, scores, etc

When you are ready, find a suitable date and time for a match ann book it. Full instructions are here: