Regardless of age, new and novice bowlers can be daunted at joining an active busy bowls club; at East Dorset our Cygnets group provides such bowlers with an introduction to the game of indoor bowls and to our Club, plus the coaching and experience needed to turn these ugly ducklings into the bowler they want to be.

Plans for the 2021/22 Cygnets Season

Firstly, what is Cygnets all about?

When you join us for the first time, with little or no experience of bowling indoors, there is our Cygnets group. Here, experienced bowlers teach you the basics of the game, the rules and etiquette of bowls. By playing in different teams and different formats - aussie pairs, triples, fours - you put these into practise and learn how to lead, skip, read heads and, of course, how to win and lose. You will also make new friends to share a drink in the bar after training.

You are eligible to stay in Cygnets for up to two years, by which time you should be ready to move into regular league playing. You can, naturally, join a league or two at any time, and there are the Spoons league and the occasional friendlies to help hone your skills.

You should be aware that bowls can be a very addictive pastime whether you are 10 or 70 - and we have had all ages in Cygnets.

But we know 2021/22 is different...

At the moment we are considering running two Cygnets sessions: 

  • Monday - 7.30pm to 9.30pm and/or
  • Tuesday, - 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

It will be numbers driven as to whether both sessions are required but the whole week programme needs to be finalised now so both sessions are currently booked for Cygnets.

Under normal circumstances, you are eligible for Cygnets for two years after joining the Club. So, anyone who joined in 2019 will be eligible to rejoin this year. Many of you  only completed one year but are fully involved in leagues and may not wish to rejoin;  congratulations on your Graduation! Please let us know if you want to rejoin and if you prefer Monday or Tuesday or it doesn’t matter.

Also, a further 27 of you signed up for coaching in February 2020 which was cut short by Lockdown 1.

If you wish to take up Cygnets again, please let us know and if you prefer Monday or Tuesday or it doesn’t matter, we would welcome you back.

A request to experienced members:

With 2019 and 2020 intake and upcoming taster weekends is difficult to predict the total number of people that will wish to join Cygnets. Current predictions range from 50 to 70 and, potentially, two Cygnet sessions.

To run two sessions we will really need support from other Club members . This is a request for any experienced members who can spare the time to sign up and help man Cygnet sessions. And any Cygnets not rejoining  but with time to assist, then we would be very pleased to hear from you . Your help in would be very valuable, and it would not be a total commitment as there is a rota system.

If you are willing to help, please let us know if you prefer Monday or Tuesday or it doesn’t matter.