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Winter season starts - are you ready?

Dateline   September 19th, 2021

Members returning from outdoor bowls will find some changes at the club; here is a quick rundown and how you can prepare.

Over the last months there has been quite a few changes at the Club to make Members' bowling lives better. Right up front you will meet our new admin team of Nicola (Manager), Sharon and Mandy, ready to take your money or (new) contactless card payment, book roll-ups and answer many questions.

In the lounge, the TV screen now displays the daily rink diary showing who is playing where and when: if its leagues then team captains, if its roll-ups then who is playing where. Our new admin teaam will try to keep this as current as possible. You will also see a summary of rink availability for the next 6 days and useful news.

In addition to Wi-fi being available to all Club members - password dotted around - the ventilation in the lounge has been dramatically improved to help reduce Covid spread, as has the ventilation in the bowls hall.

You can now use this website to monitor how you are doing in leagues and in Club competitions and, now, to book rinks for roll-ups and competitions. Its EASY, just read these documents:

You will also find all sorts of useful documents under the INFORMATION menu above. Welcome back.

Online bowling system is wating for you!

Dateline   August 10th, 2021

Introduction of the new Club's online bowling management system's that is waiting for you:  How to use the Bowlr system.

We're back with all the usual suspects!

Dateline   April 16th, 2021

We are fully open for the Summer season with open play Tuesday pm and Thursday am and pm, two well-attended leagues on Tuesday am  and Wednesday evening, plus two successful Aussie Pair competitions filling some of the gaps: Opening details.


Winter opening dates

For all you outdoor bowlers who have managed to play during the Summer, the Club will be open for you to relearn the indoor game:

Open play

20/9/21 - 24/9/21 from 10am to 8pm

 27/9/21 - 1/10/21 from 10am to 8pm

The Club will be closed if there are no bookings so now is the time to learn how to log into your Bowlr account and book some rinks for a roll-up or two.

How to log into your Bowlr account

Logging into your account is easy; check this out.

How to book a rink

Booking a rink online
couldn't be easier.