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Guidance for Members

Here are the current playing recommendations of the Management Committee to ensure safe playing conditions:

Before you play

  • Be aware of all safety notices when entering the Club
  • Wear masks if you can when not playing
  • Observe social distancing and the one way routes where possible
  • Sanitise your hands before entering the club and in/out of the changing rooms
  • Payment by cash or preferably by contactless card
  • Do not proceed to the green before the session and stay in the lounge in your rink 'bubbles' if possible.
  • Bowls hire will be available (£1.00); they will be removed from use for 72 hours afterwards.

On the green

  • Rinks 1, 3 and 5 will start at the lounge end and rinks 2, 4 and 6 will start at the far end.
  • Do not socialise with the other rinks and up to six players per rink (Government rule of 6
  • When playing triples it is recommended you use the gangways and green to social distance with full length jacks
  • Sanitise you hands regularly before handling the jack and mat
  • Do not pick up other people's bowls
  • Use the bowls/jack lifters to remove bowls and jacks, sanitise before use
  • Use the RED marks on the green for the minimum mat distance to the bank
  • If you need score cards, they are set out on the rinks.
  • The electronic score boards may be used but only with a personal pointer such as a pencil end.
  • No.1 handles the jack and mat. The skip will lift the mat but sanitise hands first
  • You must leave the green by the end of the designated session. Do not start a new end after the bell.

    After the game
  • No.1 sprays the mat with sanitiser, jacks, tables and pens etc
  • Do not spray the mats/jack on the green
  • Remove and dispose of score cards and rubbish
  • If you go to the changing room, sanitise in/out
  • Remove all items from the changing rooms that are not in lockers

Upcoming Events

28/9 - 30/9/20

Ventilation system upgrade


9:30 - 12:00am

Office open for bookings



Re-opening with limited sessions

in progress

Annual Fees Payment



Autumn Taster Session

5/11/20 - 2/12/20

Closed for Lockdown-2



Winter League Commences (Hopefully)

Help us all stay safe:

Download the NHS Track-and-Trace app, available for all mobile phones. See poster in Club entrance.


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